Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nail Art

All About The Nails.

So a few weeks back, I thought that I would buy a acrylic nail set. I thought I would find it fun. I ordered if off ebay. Little did I know that the chemicals that are in the products would make me feel ill. They are sooooo strong. I am prone to meagreness, so the smell just brought them on. 
Acrylic Liquid the most potent  thing ever!

So I was left with lots of false nails,

and lots of products and had no idea what to do with it. So I tried painting on them. I used the size 0 nails to test on because they are huge, and I thought if I ever sell my designs, not alot of people would need size 0.
Size 0 Nail around 20-21 mm across.

 To start with I tried to use nail varnish. So I would apply first just a plain colour. Then using a paint brush, I dipped that into a different colour nail varnish to paint a design onto the nail. That was a bad attempt as the varnish dried to quick and didn't do my brushes all that good.

So I done a bit of research to see if there were any other materials that I could use. I found that people used normal acrylic paint, the one you use in arts and crafts at school. Due to finishing college I had lots of paint, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try. 

I done some more research and found Robin MosesRobin Moses Nail Art Blog. Her work is amazing. She uses normal acrylic paint to paint designs onto nails for people. So I thought I would give it a go.
First attempt
Using L.A Colours, shocker as my base coat. Now when I applied the varnish to the nail its didn't seem to cover it very well. I guessed that it would be because the nails surface is to smooth and slippery. Using a black acrylic paint and a medium sized paint brush I painted this design onto the nail. It doesn't look that neat. After the first attempt I learnt that I would need to plan my design before I done it and make sure I was neater.

I plan to do more designs and would really love some feed back.

Thanks for reading
Until next time bye x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Life drawing and observational pieces

Hay guys.

So today my pieces are again college work, these being some life drawing and also observational pieces.

This first piece was a live drawing piece. We were meant to simply draw they model that we had in front of us. I started off just doing that, but then my mind started to wonder and then this happened.

Materials used; ink, graphite, pencil and pen

                                                 Different life drawing sections placed together
                                                     Materials used; ink, pencil and graphite
                                                  First observational piece, piping arrangement
                             Materials used; pencil, graphite, charcoal, glue and news paper cuttings
                                                               Self observational piece
                                                Materials used; pencil, graphite and charcoal
                                                     Another observational piece of roots
                                                   Materials used; graphite and charcoal

                                        Negative observational piece of sticks, branches and bones
                             Materials used; graphite and used a rubber to erase and create the picture                  
                                                         Morphing observational piece
                                                        Materials used; colours pencil

                                                                    Multi media piece
                                   Materials used; news paper, magazines, glue and tissue paper

                                                      Photography turned into screen print
                                             Materials used; silk screen, printing ink and photo

                                                                Two layered screen prints
                                                  Materials used; printing ink and silk screen

I really enjoy doing life drawing and observational pieces. Every model/object is different and has its own challenging areas.

I hope you have enjoyed my work, don't forget to leave comments. Feedback is what this blog is all about

Bye for now x

Monday, 27 August 2012

Mixed Media

Hay guys

These are again college pieces I done for my FMP (Final Major Project).

I took Animation, sculpture, graphic design and fine art. These pieces below are from my sculpture class. I found it enjoyable. The making part and using different materials. One thing that I did not enjoy about art is that you have to show a process. You can't just think of and idea and go with it. You first have to test things. try little ideas and develop, always develop. I found it hard because I am the sort of person that come up with an idea straight away and can never seem to come up with other ideas that will be better than the first. My teachers would always tell me that I was not doing the design cycle, which is the idea and design process of how things are made. So they would down mark me on my work due to this. In the end I came up with an idea of making up fake ideas and putting the one idea I like in the research and design work. Even though I knew what one I was going to chose. After I done this my grades went up so I just went along with the idea.

This is a candelabra that I made in welding. 

I used sharpened nail ends as the candle holders. It was a bit fiddly to weld due to the small pieces

I used scrap metal that were shaped as X's, I done a corkscrew style twist to the stand. Also welded some bolts and screws to the bottom to create a unique base.

 These are wire and bin bag flowers. I first created the basic shape of petals using thick wire. I wrapped bin bags around the wire frame and used a heat gun to melt the plastic to the wire. I repeated the process and used a hot glue gun to arrange and secure the petals in place

 This was made before college, in 6th form pottery class. It is the first pottery item I have ever made. It took a little getting used to. The theme was seven deadly sins. I focused more on self masochism with this pieces. Looking at self harm etc.

I enjoyed making this piece because pottery is not normally something I would have done. I always enjoy trying new skills and see how they turn out. I hope that I get the opportunity in the future to do more.

Don't forget to put any feedback below as it will help a great deal. Always good to get other peoples point of view.

Bye for now x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Photoshop Pieces

Hay guys!

So today I thought I would show more of the things I have done over time.
These are two pieces that I done using Photoshop CS3.

I took photos of a beach I went to, and Photoshoped planets and stars into the photos.

This was for a college topic. 

I'm not an expert with Photoshop. I used guides on YouTube and Google mainly. I like the top one best, the colours seem to compliment each other. I wish I had more knowledge of Photoshop as it is a useful tool. I don't like in magazines when they use Photoshop to alter peoples appearances I feel that is wrong. Simply because you are showing lots of people what they would be like if they use/brought an item, but in reality it doesn't exist because of Photoshop and other similar programmes. After learning the basics of Photoshop in my graphic design class, because I didn't take it the next year I forgot all of what I had learnt. Always the way, if you don't use some skills often you forget things.

Tata for now x

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

First step


Hi my name is Lucinda.
So I  decided to start a blog. Not 100% on what I am doing, but I have some interests/hobbies that I thought would be interesting to share. 

My main thing is art. I love to draw, love animation and designing things.

I have many different art pieces that I have done over the years. I done A level art, then went onto doing art and design at college. I have done BTEC first diploma in art and design and a BTEC National Diploma in art and design. Over the period of 5 years doing art in college, I seemed to have lost my drive to do art. It felt like a chore and I stopped doing it. When I finished college and a few months down the line I picked up and pencil and suddenly found my passion for it again.

I guess the reason that I am starting a blog is for feedback. With art when you ask opinion of friends they seem to all just say, "its good, well done", but I feel that if I had honest feed back I could improve more. 

So over time I shall be posting various pieces of work that I have done and hope you like and and give feedback where you feel it is needed. 

I will start with an old piece and work forward. Like a time line if you will.

Anime girl


Another anime character
Thanks for reading. Hope to see you next time