Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dragon Eye Nail Art

Dragon eye

From the last blog that I posted I thought I would try a different type of design. Unlike the other nails that I done I thought that I would create a design that was not out lined. When I paint the nails I do not have an idea in my head what I will do. I just pick up a paintbrush think of something and then start painting.

This was a result of one of those moments.

Using yellow as the base coat. Then adding orange to the tip and slowly working it up into the yellow, I created a gradient effect. Then using black I created a pupil in the middle of the nail. I chose to do a reptile pupil. Using a very fine brush and watered down orange acrylic I added a vein effect. I really like this design. mainly due to the fact that it is so simple but effective. I feel that it wouldn't have the same impact if it didn't have the orange gradient effect in the background.

tata for now x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Nail designs

Hi guys   

Today I will be showing a few of my nail art designs that I have done.

After my first attempt that was a bit plain and boring I thought I would try something a little 
harder. So I decided to do a simple rose. Using red as my base colour, I decided to use acrylic paint and mix a purpley pink for the petals and have green leaves.       

Using black paint and a very fine paintbrush I outlined the flower. This meant that the design stood out against the bright red. Using a clear top coat I coated the nail leaving it with a shiny top layer.

I feel that this design is very simple. It is effective but the pink and read seem to clash a little. If i was to do this again I would maybe add a shadow in the petals to create more of a 3D effect. I would also consider having the petals a different colour to be more vibrant and eye catching. 

My next design was of a fairy. 

With this design the idea was to create a gradient background from very pale purple into dark purple. I used acrylic for all of this. From the back ground right up to the black outline. 
The detail isn't as crisp as I was hoping for it to be. I decided to not mess around with the image to much in case I went to far and ruined it so much that I couldn't edit parts. I used the same clear top coat that I use on my past nails. Due to some sort of reaction that took place all of the purple  discoloured, leaving behind a pink. This bleed through the image and made the purple paint in the background seep through the top layers of colour and ruined the image.

This obviously ruined the design, making it look foggy and messy. 

Due to the fact that the top coat ruined the design I decided to carry out some tests. I applied a small amount of all my acrylic paints separate onto a nail, then once they had dried I applied a coat of the top coat to them. I was then able to see what colours reacted to the top coat and cause a discolouration to the design. Thanks to this test I learnt that purple was the only colour to react. Therefore allowing me to avoid this miss hap in the future

Thanks for reading, until next time